Sterling Silver deValette Sword Lapel Pin

deValette Sword Lapel Pin in Sterling Silver

Item Code: DVSPIN01

  • This is the sword wielded by Grand Master Jean de Valette in the defence of the island during the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. Tradition has it that the Grand Master upon victory over the Ottoman Turks placed his personal side-sword and hat in the chapel of Our Lady of Damascus as an ex voto [offering] for the conclusion of the Great Siege of 1565.


    What many people do not know is that this sword has been in Malta, and exhibited to the public for all these years. While documentary evidence for or against this tradition is limited, there is no doubt that both artefacts, currently displayed in the Oratory of St. Joseph in Birgu (Vittoriosa), date back to the right time period.


    The miniature was originally created as a replica lapel pin for the Malta Historical Fencing Association, which has created real size practice replicas and adopted it as it’s main sword. On popular request, it was later also reproduced as a pendant. This miniature is just 5.5cm long and crafted from eight separate pieces in four soldering sessions. All specimens are individually hand crafted from .925 Sterling Silver and as such are unique works of art.