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Red Fleur de Lys Lapel Pin

Red Fleur de Lys Lapel Pin

Cast Sterling Silver Fleur de Lys Lapel Pin on a red field


Available with Standard Clutch and Pin OR Screw Back closures


  • Details

    Size : 17.6mm


    Weight (Silver): 6.0g / 8.6g


    Material: Cast .925 Sterling Silver


    Enamel: EFCOLOR Transparent Red



    Either .925 Clutch Back (NOT Handmade)

    Or Handmade screw back with nut (for thicker materials and a safer closure)


    Come in smart Red Leatherette Box with a Certificate from the Malta Crafts Council and a leaflet (shown) explaining the history of the fleur de lys.

  • Please Note

    All our items are individually hand crafted and will therefore be unique. As such they may vary slightly from the picture shown.

    Not all lengths/sizes of the same item are stocked and that it may not be possible to post the next day. So, if necessary, please allow an extra 7 days for these items to be hand crafted for you.

    All weights are extrapolated.

  • History

    The fleur-de-lys has been used as a decorative symbol for centuries and has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. Its exact origin is unknown, but it has been used in various forms by different cultures. For example, the fleur-de-lys was used in ancient Egypt as a symbol of perfection and purity. In ancient Greece, it was used as a symbol of wealth and power. In ancient Rome, it was used as a symbol of authority and victory.

    It was during the Middle Ages that the fleur-de-lys became most closely associated with the French monarchy. The symbol was used extensively by the French kings, who believed that it represented their power and divine right to rule. The fleur-de-lys appeared on the coat of arms of many French monarchs, and it was also used on flags, currency, and other official emblems.


    Over time, the fleur-de-lys became more widely associated with France as a nation, rather than just the French monarchy. It was used on the French flag and was adopted as a symbol of French identity. The fleur-de-lys has also been used by other countries and organizations. For example, it is used on the coat of arms of Quebec, a province in Canada that has strong ties to France. It is also used as a logo by various sports teams, such as the New Orleans Saints of the NFL.

    In addition to its use as a symbol of royalty and national identity, the fleur-de-lys has also been associated with various religious and spiritual beliefs. In Christianity, the fleur-de-lys has been used to represent the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary. In the Tarot, it is associated with the element of fire and represents energy and creativity.

    Today, the fleur-de-lys continues to be a popular symbol that is used in various ways. It is often used in fashion and home decor, as well as by organizations and sports teams. The fleur-de-lys has a rich and complex history that reflects its importance and enduring appeal.

  • Technique

    • The Model is created in CAD before being 3D printed on a high resolution resin printer.
    • The resin model is used to create a Delft Clay mold.
    • Molten silver is cast into the mold.
    • The cast pendant is sanded down and cleaned.
    • Fittings are soldered on and the whole thing is polished.
    • Colour is added by applying EFCOLOR enamel to the background to the desired depth.
    • Item is cleaned of excess enamel and given a final thorough polish.
PriceFrom €82.85