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Sterling Silver Maltese Cross Ring

Sterling Silver Maltese Cross Ring

Sterling Silver Maltese Cross (Cross of the Order of the Knights of St. John) Ring 


Black on a satin/brushed finish.

Item Code: MX02RNGBLK

  • Details

    Size Maltese Cross: 15.8mm


    Weight (Silver): Approx 16g (varies with size)


    Material: .925 Sterling Silver


    Enamel: EFCOLOR Black


    Come in smart Red Leatherette Box with a Certificate from the Malta Crafts Council and a leaflet (shown) explaining the history of the cross.

  • Please Note

    All our items are individually hand crafted and will therefore be unique. As such they may vary slightly from the picture shown.

    Not all lengths/sizes of the same item are stocked and that it may not be possible to post the next day. So, if necessary, please allow an extra 7 days for these items to be hand crafted for you.

    All weights are extrapolated.

  • History

    Introduced to Malta by the Knights of St. John, the Maltese Cross has become an intrinsic part of Malta’s culture and heritage, as well as a symbol treasured by the Maltese.


    The adoption by the Order of the white eight-pointed cross on the Knights’ black civil habit came about immediately after the Siege of Malta of 1565, and just after the commencement of the building of the new city of Valletta in 1566. The colours displayed its monastic religious origin, at first on the left shoulder, then and finally on the breast, or on both.


    It was only many years later, especially in the 18th century under Grand Masters Perellos and Pinto that a change in colours came about: a white eight-pointed cross on a red field on the military Knights’ uniforms, and on a similar lateen sail of the Order’s galleys and ships-of-the-line in their later years. Hence the eight-pointed cross of the Hospitallers evolved significantly during the Order’s 268-year sojourn in Malta.


    Similarly the meaning of what the eight points of the cross represent has changed over the years. Originally a symbol of the “Christian warrior”, its eight points denoted the eight obligations or aspirations of the knights, namely “to live in truth, have faith, repent one’s sins, give proof of humility, love justice, be merciful, be sincere and whole­hearted, and to endure persecution”.


    Later the eight points came to symbolize the eight beatitudes: Observant, Tactful, Resourceful, Dextrous, Explicit, Discriminating, Persevering and Sympathetic.


    With time, the eight points also came to represent the eight “langues” of the noblemen who were admitted to the order, namely those of Auvergne, Provence, France, Aragon, Castille & Portugal, Italy, Baviere (Germany), and England (with Scotland and Ireland)


    The Maltese cross remains the symbol of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which is still active as an international organisation offering medical and humanitarian aid. Also, since Malta’s Independence in 1964 it has been used as the civil and maritime ensign.

  • Technique

    • Negative of Maltese Cross pattern is laser printed on blue PnP paper.
    • The negative is then heat transferred onto a polished silver sheet.
    • Silver sheet is suspended upside down in Ferric Nitrate Solution.
    • Exposed areas of the pattern are etched away over a period of hours.
    • When the desired depth is reached the patterns are punched out.
    • Item is constructed, sanded down, cleaned and brushed.
    • Colour is added by applying EFCOLOR enamel to the etched areas.
    • Enameling is repeated 2 or 3 times to get desired depth.
    • Item is cleaned of excess enamel and given a final thorough fine sanding for a brushed look.